Vehicle Wraps Services In Los Angeles

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Professional Grade Car Wraps for You

When it comes to car wrapping, Custom Auto Craft can deliver both partial and full vehicle wraps that are always high quality and cost-effective. We are experts in creating and designing custom car wraps for our customers throughout the Los Angeles area. You can count on us for a wide variety of selections, premium materials, crystal coating, paint protection, window tinting, creative designs, dependability, and exceptional service. With such a broad range to choose from, the possibilities for vehicle wraps are endless.

Custom Auto Craft offers a wide selection of 3M and Avery graphics to give your vehicle the best look with quality brand name products you can trust. Whether it is a printed wrap with our custom design or a color change to give your vehicle a new and fresh look. We handle it all. We do full and partial wraps, as well as spot graphics. We have in-house designers that work with you for any design needed, we produce it in-house, and can install it. Wraps not only give you a great new look, but they also protect your OEM paint so when you are ready to remove it, the car looks like it did when you put it on. As with all finishes, there is special care for wraps that will help prolong its life expectancy and ensure the paint below is protected. For more details about the removal time and process, ask one of our associates.



  • Ceramic IR provides excellent heat resistance and also possesses an appealing natural color.
  • This tint is available in a variety of shade options for enhanced relief from glare resulting from blinding sunlight, enabling better vision for driving.
  • Ceramic IR Tint is also technology-friendly.
  • It is made without the addition of metal and therefore does not block signals from various mobile and onboard devices.
  • It is supported by the American Cancer Society


  • Gives your vehicle a unique one-of-a-kind look and protects your paint against fading, scratches, and chips
  • Vinyl car wraps protect your OEM paint and are 100% removable.
  • Adds to the resell value of your car.
  • when you remove it, your paint is in the same condition as on the day it was wrapped. Thus adding to the resale value by having flawless paint on your car.


  • Ceramic coating is a nanoceramic coating made of titanium dioxide and silica dioxide that bond to your paint on a molecular level.
  • The nanoparticles fill in the pores of your paint permanently damage and create a hyper slick surface that’s incredibly easy to clean and maintain.


  • “PPF” aka Paint Protection Film keeps your car looking newer for longer by defending it from damage caused by rocks, road debris, and winter sand and salt.
  • It also shields the areas of your car most vulnerable to paint damage, including the hood, side-view mirrors, and fenders.
  • we also protect your peace of mind