Custom Auto Craft provides window tinting, Vinyl Wrapping, Ceramic Coating, and Paint Protection Film

Car Window Tinting in Los Angeles

Window Tinting for Your Car Los Angeles has a top-rated car window tinting service that exceeds your expectations with its superior performance. Proper tinting can make your car a lot cooler during hot summer days, thus minimizing air-condition use. In Fact Window Tinting Los Angeles can block 99% of harmful U.V. Rays from the sun that can cause skin cancer. 

Ceramic with Infrared Protection Film Coolest and premium throughout. Select infrared-rejecting ceramic tint for deluxe, top-of-the-line features, and our best IR-blocking technology.

Drive in style, revel in cool comfort, and connect with ease, thanks to all the features loaded into our sophisticated infrared-rejecting ceramic window tints. The solar control technology in these top-of-the-line window films targets all of the sun’s heat-generating rays: visible light rays, ultraviolet (UV) rays, and infrared (IR) rays. Since all our tints have 99% UV protection and your personal style likely decides tint shade, the comfort-driven focus on IR takes this category of tints to the top. Feel the difference when you compare identical darkness levels of our premium infrared rejecting tints with lower-level film products. You can expect our IR-rejecting ceramic tints to deliver in areas beyond heat rejection as well.


  • Ceramic IR provides excellent heat resistance and also possesses an appealing natural color.
  • This tint is available in a variety of shade options for enhanced relief from glare resulting from blinding sunlight, enabling better vision for driving.
  • Ceramic IR Tint is also technology-friendly.
  • It is made without the addition of metal and therefore does not block signals from various mobile and onboard devices.
  • It is supported by the American Cancer Society


  • Gives your vehicle a unique one-of-a-kind look and protects your paint against fading, scratches, and chips
  • Vinyl car wraps protect your OEM paint and are 100% removable.
  • Adds to the resell value of your car.
  • when you remove it, your paint is in the same condition as on the day it was wrapped. Thus adding to the resale value by having flawless paint on your car.


  • Ceramic coating is a nanoceramic coating made of titanium dioxide and silica dioxide that bond to your paint on a molecular level.
  • The nanoparticles fill in the pores of your paint permanently damage and create a hyper slick surface that’s incredibly easy to clean and maintain.


  • “PPF” aka Paint Protection Film keeps your car looking newer for longer by defending it from damage caused by rocks, road debris, and winter sand and salt.
  • It also shields the areas of your car most vulnerable to paint damage, including the hood, side-view mirrors, and fenders.
  • we also protect your peace of mind